Uncategorized September 9, 2011

Real Estate from the Inside

For some reason, I thought real estate owners/buyers/sellers in the Seattle area might be interested in a bit of a “behind the scenes” look at real estate agency in Seattle, care of Inman News, brought to my attention by Judie Sanders. The content is directed toward real estate agents, but there is some good data here on trends, foreclosure rates, employment, and what I’ll call “the Seattle Lag.”
It does make we wonder though: What – to you, the consumer – makes a “successful” real estate agent?
For instance, the article states that while “sales per realtor” in the US was 3.3 over a recent 12 months, and 5.1 in Seattle. If your agent does many times that number, are you glad because it means they are “good,” or does it make you uneasy because you worry about their time constraints.
I am currently “ranked” 80th in Seattle with 18 “sides” (7 sellers and 11 buyers) and $9,680,000 in total sales over the last 12 months. But what, if anything, does that mean to you? What are you looking for?