Uncategorized HGTV Ultimate House Hunt – Vote for our listing! Hi all, Our Birch Bay listing has been nominated to be featured on HGTV’s Ultimate House Hunt! Please take a minute to vote for our listing so that we can be named as 2017’s Great Estate listing! http://www.hgtv.com/design/ultimate-house-hunt/2017-ultimate-house-hunt/great-estates Thank you!
Sellers 1224 Shark Reef Road I'm really excited to have just listed this beautiful, modern home on stunning waterfront acreage; completed in 2011 after years of careful contemplation by an architect/owner creating for himself. The site and home feature spectacular views over San Juan Channel, Cattle Point Lighthouse, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the Olympic Mountains. The home's orientation provides […]
Uncategorized 2015 Shredding & Recycling Event
Buyers Case Study: 2720 3rd Ave #1008 Key Elements: Patience before listing Staging Avoiding the wrong “buyers” Deal making Knowledge of financing This deal was _exciting_. Thankfully, the excitement yielded a significant return to the sellers. The first great move they made was to wait until some work in the building had been completed. We wanted the prospective buyer to experience quality […]
Uncategorized Why it Might be Time to Refinance Your Mortgage Interesting: (at 2:10), the idea: “we overweight the importance of housing…economically….culturally.” Disagree; Americans value independence. http://bit.ly/1uoaSom​  
Case Study Case Study: 816 NW Market St Driving Elements: Investment Good agent relationships Showing up   I helped the buyers purchase this property in 2013. As of January 2015, 60% of the buyers loan is being covered by the rent generated in the lower level apartment. In this short time, the buyer has been accumulating cash and is preparing to make another […]
Case Study Case Study: 5524 Ashworth Ave N   There are a few things that stand out for me in this project. They are: The importance of a good process The importance of a good team to implement that process Standing firm on price when appropriate, and The importance of managing the appraisers visit   As I left this property after meeting with […]
Case Study Case Study: 4202 Bagley Ave N This project was a study in: Exercising restraint until the "right" time The importance of pre-inspection The importance of great staging The importance of great photography The importance of my getting in front of the buyer when possible to establish trust (for them) and to see first-hand their motivation (for my clients) Picking the right […]
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Case Study Case Study: 3903 Eastern Ave N Key Elements: Timing Pre-Inspection Staging Listing "vacant"  Encouraging agents/buyers to "Play their own game." Good photos Good presence at open house Keeping good rapport with second position agent/buyer​ ​​ This was another great example of perfect timing. The owners used the winter months to get the home pre-inspected and work through the resulting punch list. […]
Uncategorized Would you like a 2015 Calendar? If so, I would be delighted to send one to you this year. Choose from the following complimentary calendar options: Northwest Scenic, American Splendor or Western Landcapes. Want more than one? No problem! Email thriveseattle@windermere.com with your request. NORTHWEST SCENIC AMERICAN SPLENDOR WESTERN LANDSCAPES  
Buyers Survey Reveals Notable Decline in First-time Buyers While over a month old, this is interesting. I wonder: how does the percentage of hopeful first time home buyers compare to years past? Given that first time home buyers are typically younger, is their decline because homes became less accessible to them, or could it be that they are less interested in purchasing, due to aversion […]
Uncategorized Seattle Real Estate Supply according to the cranes Been thinking about how much the construction cranes tell us about housing inventory in Seattle. The red and white cranes to the right are building Insignia; the only significant condo project coming out of the ground. The rest of the cranes represent new jobs (commercial office) and non-owner occupied housing units (apartment buildings) in South […]
Uncategorized Rent or Buy? Latest on housing from NYT: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/22/upshot/rent-or-buy-the-math-is-changing.html?_r=0   Interesting explanation of what creates the most booming markets, perhaps the most relevant point that “They are fueled further by the low-interest rate policies that are aimed at bolstering the overall national economy but don’t discriminate based on geography.” ​
Uncategorized Hiring ThriveSeattle (my real estate business) is growing! Thanks to so many of you, I am being asked to serve more and more great people. Thank you! I am looking for someone to help Kenna (my Operations Director) so that I can focus on strategy and negotiations while backed by a smooth-running office operation. So, if […]
Uncategorized Windermere Cup Windermere Cup Shore Party Saturday, May 3, 2014 Best view on the shore!  Entertain your friends, family, and clients at this exclusive shore party, where you’ll enjoy prime viewing of the Windermere Cup races and Opening Day boat parade from the northeast shore of the Montlake Cut (next to the UW waterfront activities center). Don’t miss it. Come for all or […]
Uncategorized Can you find the Rainier… Compliemtns of Cleary O'Farrel Photography; best use of Rainier box in a real estate photo. Can you find it?
Uncategorized Where Prices are Headed over the Next 5 Years? This seems like one of the most balanced approaches to real estate price prediction: Where Prices are Headed over the Next 5 Years?
Uncategorized King County Supply Map February 2014 Well…this pretty much speaks for itself, but…influx of high-paying jobs + rising rates + rising prices. Contact me to talk through your ideas/situation.
Buyers Curious about Seller Financing? I was recently asked by a buyer friend/client about whether the owner of an un-built lot that interests him would consider seller financing. Here are some things to consider: -most banks don't offer land loans. It makes sense when you consider risk from their perspective. Unimproved land (lots) are more risky because without homes on […]
Buyers Argument that housing is actually underpriced Interesting presentation Wednesday at Windermere Premier Properties Breakfast. Gardner acknowledges potential economic issues (more national than regional) and posits that home prices in the Seattle Market may be underpriced v. the trend line. My take: that is likely true for some properties, and appreciation may cure all, but…in this market of low supply/high demand, there […]