Uncategorized November 14, 2011

Grand Canyon 2011

Amy, my office assistant, had the presence to point out that you may be interested in seeing photos from  my rafting/kayaking trip down The Grand Canyon in October. I think she may be onto something. ThriveSeattle is about success with real estate paving the way for better, more fulfilling lives. My trip provided great opportunities for adventure and reflection. I invite you to take a look…
View Downriver from the Nankoweep Granaries
 A typical camp (this at Nankoweep)
 The Little Colorado River before it enters the Colorado
Day hikes a plenty (this one to Thunder River)
Boats tied up at Havasu Creek
Part of the group, scouting the largest rapid on the river, Lava Falls (I went far left; any further left and I would have been on dry ground).
 A typical afternoon, arriving at camp.
Looking upriver…somewhere in the upper section.
My craft, at the put-in (start) at Lee’s Ferry. I rowed this boat (which contained the kitchen) for the first third of the trip, to Phantom Ranch. Matt, my friend and the owner of the boat hiked in at Phantom Ranch, and took over the oars. I then jumped into the red kayak shown here, and kayaked the rest of the river.
A photo of me scouting a rapid; choosing my path through the whitewater. At significant “drops” there is normally alot of chatter among the group as each person reads the river on their own, then shares their thoughts in an effort to gain consensus/confidence. Sometimes, we watch others go first in order to see what the river does to them. An experienced boatman, Steve, reminded us all (and I thought of it as a good metaphor for many parts of life), to “watch my line, but read the river for yourselves.”