2012 Calendars – Do You Want One?

Apologies if you are already subscribed (you “like” it!) to my business page, ThriveSeattle Real Estate (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Doyle-ThriveSeattle-Real-Estate/152581301431928), where I posted this a few days ago, but…there are some of you who have not yet “liked” that page and I know you want a calendar. Feel free to order here or via email.
2012 Calendars – Do You Want One?
If so, I would be delighted to send one to you this year. In the past, I chose either Western Landscapes or Northwest Scenic, and then tried to guess who would want the calendars. And then I struggled to get them out in time. In an effort to reduce waste (paper, fossil fuels for delivery trucks, etc) and be more timely, I’m asking those who would like a calendar to opt-in (by November 25th). This method may also allow for you to choose the calendar you get. Please take a look at images below (sorry, you can’t click through; you’ll just get a sense for them) and pick your two favorites. Then email me at mdoyle@windermere.com and let me know your first and second choices.


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