Uncategorized November 21, 2011


Some of you have wondered if ThriveSeattle is relevant to Seattle only. The “Seattle” part is, but the “Thrive” part – To promote mental, physical, and financial well-being through real estate knowledge – is not. A lot of trends and information that I will share here are applicable in other markets. Certainly, you’ll always need specific expertise in your area. If you like, I can help you and your friends locate the most appropriate “boots-on-the-ground” neighborhood specific knowledge and skills. It works like this: My company is tied into a world-wide network of agents. Once we understand your needs, we will dip into that network to find the right fit. This is not just a referral to a random agent; I will help interview local agents for you, looking for market-specific knowledge, negotiation skills, process, and general fit. We’ll keep looking until we find the right match. I’m here to help…just let me know when.
– Michael Doyle, Managing Broker