Uncategorized November 19, 2013

This isn’t going to blow the deal, is it?!

I realized recently how often I hear this (or some form of it) from one of my clients. It is really interesting to me. The concept is that one side has a request/lack of give that they believe is so small that the other side should simply accept it and move on without fuss. Typically, this is about included items (appliances, curtains, a chandelier, etc.), closing date, or a relatively small price movement.

Objectively, I enjoy the question for its optimism. Yes, things should be this simple. And, the compassionate guide in me wants to give assurance that nothing so small will ever blow a deal (because it shouldn’t). However, the advocate/adviser in me has to be honest: You bet it can.

The other side just had the same question/statement/request for assurance from their agent. Their agent, perhaps reluctant to speak truth to power, may have emboldened them; told them that they absolutely should demand your attached television and that you are crazy if you don’t give it to them.

If both sides dig in, we are now doing battle over a bit of consumer electronics that is rapidly approaching obsolesce…the property itself an afterthought.

We may win this battle (we normally do), but…I have seen it lost, too. Just make sure the risk/reward equation is acceptable in the context of bigger picture; moving on.