Uncategorized Cost v. Value http://www.remodeling.hw.net/2010/costvsvalue/division/pacific/city/seattle–wa.aspxI’m often asked about what pre-listing repairs and upgrades are likely to make financial sense for sellers. Generally, I think the best money spent is in presenting what is already there in the best light. A thinning of personal items, minor repairs like painting and tightening, a thorough cleaning (inside and out; especially at the front […]
Uncategorized Backyard Cottages http://www.seattle.gov/dpd/Codes/BackyardCottages/Overview/A homeowner recently asked me where he could find information on Backyard Cottages. This link is a good start. See also “A Guide to Building a Backyard Cottage” http://www.seattle.gov/dpd/static/Backyard%20Cottages%20Guide_web_LatestReleased_DPDS015822.pdf and the 2011Backyard Cottages Annual Report: http://www.seattle.gov/dpd/cms/groups/pan/@pan/@plan/@bycottages/documents/web_informational/dpdp021049.pdf
Uncategorized What to do with Low Offers? As Sellers, it is so easy to be disappointed by low offers. But, how can we use them to our advantage? Can we massage them into good offers? Yes. Can we use them to help get other potential Buyers off the fence? Yes. It is critical to take a deep breath and remember the goal.
Uncategorized On Memorial Day, as we honor those who have sacrificed their lives, it seems fitting to remind surviving Veterans of one of their benefits: www.valoansguidelines.com.
Uncategorized Oregonian Article Touts Cap Hill resurgence using Belltown as the antithesis http://www.oregonlive.com/travel/index.ssf/2011/05/a_vibrant_dining_scene_helps_s.html
Uncategorized Listing at 5808 E. Green Lake Way Check out the great home available on Green Lake. Ideally situation on the South side of the lake, close to Tangletown and Wallingford, between I-5 and 99. 2880 sf on a 6100+sf lot. 4BR/3.5BA with almost every room offering a view to the lake. And a rare 2car garage. For more details visit: http://www.matrix.nwmls.com/DE.asp?k=1550274XM0G6&p;=DE-6267743-514
Uncategorized Young couple of a budget builds Ballard’s first zero-energy house http://www.ballardnewstribune.com/2011/05/13/features/young-couple-budget-builds-ballards-first-zer
Uncategorized Real Estate and Memorial Day Weekend Memorial Day Weekend is a mixed bag for open houses. Typically, locals leave, but…sometimes visitors  find an agent and look for property.
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Uncategorized Investing in Older Concrete and Steel Congratulations to Dale and Sally who closed a few short months ago on a 1BR at Arbor Place with astounding 21st floor bay, mountain and city views (currently above the zoning to the West) for $295K. With about $35K in remodel upgrades (including opening up the kitchen to these views) their 661sf pied-a-terre is a […]
Uncategorized ThirveSeattle’s First QR Code: Hit or Hype? This is ThriveSeattle’s first QR code on a real estate sign (at 5808 E. Green Lake Way). Any thoughts on these? Hit or hype?
Uncategorized Bank-owned at Mosler Lofts #707 should re-list as bank owned soon. Here’s the old listing: http://www.matrix.nwmls.com/DE.asp?k=1550274XM0G6&p;=DE-6188576-730 (no photos).  #304 http://www.matrix.nwmls.com/DE.asp?k=155027448LD&p;=DE-6220697-127  will likely come after that. #411 should also list soon (maybe the next few weeks): http://www.matrix.nwmls.com/DE.asp?k=1550274XM0G6&p;=DE-6222041-919
Uncategorized Buyers Close on Condo at Lumen for $260.85/sf Congratulations to Nicholas and Thomas for their purchase at Lumen. This is great space at a price that hopefully will stand the test of time. Great Room at Lumen C217 Lumen C217 Kitchen Notice that the window wall opens nearly completely…to a very nicely sized patio One of two bedrooms with door/window/closet. There are two […]
Uncategorized Pricing in a decling market Here’s a nice easy-to-understand graphical representation of what happens when we price too high in a declining market.
Uncategorized The importance of Homeowners Insurance to Condo Owners As many people know, close to 30 homes at Mosler were affected last weekend by a overflowing bathtub. Around 10,000 gallons of water flowed over a seven hour period. Some homeowners will have to relocate while their homes are being repaired. Those without insurance, will likely have to do so (and will have to replace […]