Uncategorized August 15, 2012

Tidbit on offers

From a recent outgoing email; maybe useful to others: "They didn’t decide to drop the price yet, but the discussion is ongoing. All things equal, I think it is best to make an offer before a price drop. When Sellers drop the price, they typically do so reluctantly, then want to see that price play out in the market."

Uncategorized May 4, 2012

Congratulations to Todd and Julie

Congratulations to Todd and Julie on a job extremely well done. Here’s what happened:

-They had the home pre-inspected

-They vacated the home and had it staged

-They used a video tour to explain their experience to prospective Buyers.

-They priced appropriately, and…


-They got seven offers after a 5 day waiting period

-The home sold for $489,500, which 8.7% above asking

-It closed 18 days from the date it was listed.

-We all celebrated.