Buyers Case Study: 2720 3rd Ave #1008 Key Elements: Patience before listing Staging Avoiding the wrong “buyers” Deal making Knowledge of financing This deal was _exciting_. Thankfully, the excitement yielded a significant return to the sellers. The first great move they made was to wait until some work in the building had been completed. We wanted the prospective buyer to experience quality […]
Buyers Survey Reveals Notable Decline in First-time Buyers While over a month old, this is interesting. I wonder: how does the percentage of hopeful first time home buyers compare to years past? Given that first time home buyers are typically younger, is their decline because homes became less accessible to them, or could it be that they are less interested in purchasing, due to aversion […]
Buyers Curious about Seller Financing? I was recently asked by a buyer friend/client about whether the owner of an un-built lot that interests him would consider seller financing. Here are some things to consider: -most banks don't offer land loans. It makes sense when you consider risk from their perspective. Unimproved land (lots) are more risky because without homes on […]
Buyers Argument that housing is actually underpriced Interesting presentation Wednesday at Windermere Premier Properties Breakfast. Gardner acknowledges potential economic issues (more national than regional) and posits that home prices in the Seattle Market may be underpriced v. the trend line. My take: that is likely true for some properties, and appreciation may cure all, but…in this market of low supply/high demand, there […]
Buyers Belltown apartment building sells as tech fuels Seattle-area market I am always intrigued by the $/unit number in these apartment building sales. I would think that this would be a relevant number for renters considering buying. This is the price that an investor is willing to pay to rent this space to you (presumably a premium for the right to use it to generate […]
Buyers Battle-worn Buyers I just had another client ask me whether he should make an offer on a property he likes…Buyers typically ask this if they are worried about getting emotionally committed to a home and then not getting it; normally by being "beaten" out by other Buyers. Every case is different, but generally…make the offer. Unless you […]
Buyers Buyers: Don’t want to “show your cards” at an open house? Think again. Buyers: If you are going to worry about “showing your cards” be sure you at least don’t show jokers. I often hear Buyers worrying about showing too much interest at an open house. The rationale is generally that they don’t want to compromise their position in the event they make an offer. That is, they […]
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