Case Study

Buyers Case Study: 2720 3rd Ave #1008 Key Elements: Patience before listing Staging Avoiding the wrong “buyers” Deal making Knowledge of financing This deal was _exciting_. Thankfully, the excitement yielded a significant return to the sellers. The first great move they made was to wait until some work in the building had been completed. We wanted the prospective buyer to experience quality […]
Case Study Case Study: 816 NW Market St Driving Elements: Investment Good agent relationships Showing up   I helped the buyers purchase this property in 2013. As of January 2015, 60% of the buyers loan is being covered by the rent generated in the lower level apartment. In this short time, the buyer has been accumulating cash and is preparing to make another […]
Case Study Case Study: 5524 Ashworth Ave N   There are a few things that stand out for me in this project. They are: The importance of a good process The importance of a good team to implement that process Standing firm on price when appropriate, and The importance of managing the appraisers visit   As I left this property after meeting with […]
Case Study Case Study: 4202 Bagley Ave N This project was a study in: Exercising restraint until the "right" time The importance of pre-inspection The importance of great staging The importance of great photography The importance of my getting in front of the buyer when possible to establish trust (for them) and to see first-hand their motivation (for my clients) Picking the right […]
Case Study Case Study: 3903 Eastern Ave N Key Elements: Timing Pre-Inspection Staging Listing "vacant"  Encouraging agents/buyers to "Play their own game." Good photos Good presence at open house Keeping good rapport with second position agent/buyer​ ​​ This was another great example of perfect timing. The owners used the winter months to get the home pre-inspected and work through the resulting punch list. […]
Case Study Congratulations Terry & Nancy! Terry and Nancy Beckham came to me in November with a great studio condominium to sell at The Concord. The home was perfectly tuned (staged!) and ready to market. We held the listing until a few days after Thanksgiving, and then hit the market. Just over two weeks later, the first offer came…and one day […]
Case Study Congratulations Joe & Brenda! Joe and Brenda contacted me in early November to discuss moving from a great waterfront home that I had helped them purchase a couple years before. We had not yet sat down for a formal strategy session before Brenda identified the next dream home. They wrote a contingent offer on the new home and did […]
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